The Challenge

What predicts success?  For academic performance, students’ motivation to study is more predictable than IQ for their academic results. In the career world, determination and optimism are found to be stronger drivers for entrepreneurs’ success rather than education level and family backgrounds. 

It is who you are, your character, that predicts your success.

Here is when we see the gap in education today. The emphasis in academics and skill training in education have helped many students to become adept at math skills and other academic areas, yet it missed a critical piece in cultivating success - Character Strengths. Character strengths are the psychological ingredients for displaying human goodness and they serve as pathways for developing a life of greater virtue. While personality is the summary of our entire psychological makeup, character strengths are the positive components— what's best in you (VIA Institute on Character).

Most parents and educators agree with the importance of these character strengths, yet how to truly shift the mindset of "scores come first" and apply effective ways to develop character strengths remains a major challenge.


Our Mission

Asian Young Leaders Institute (AYLI) is a US-based non-profit organization that aims to leverage Positive Psychology Science and Project Based Learning methodology to foster teamwork and leadership for Asian students globally. 


What Now & What's Next

We are still in the early stage of exploring and developing solutions for character strengths and leadership development in a project learning environment. Often times, we partner with organizations that have experience developing and testing tools and interventions to translate the proven solutions into a packaged product for our target audience - Asian schools, families and students themselves. Our main beneficiary now is mandarin speaking students and families in China and United States. Our long term mission is to develop, pilot and disseminate the transformational interventions for students and parents.