Check Out The Initiatives We Are Taking On!

In 2015, we launched our first pilot project for 6-9 year old Asian elementary school students and their parents through partnership with school districts in Southern California. In 2016, we continue to expand our footprint to partner with schools in both US schools that have large Asian student populations and schools in China and other Asian countries.

Current Projects

  • Exchange Ambassador Program --  Partnering with Vejar Elementary School in Walnut + Hangzhou Joy-world International School

This Project is a two week experiment for students from 6 to 9 year old to learn, explore and apply the six character traits, also called Six Success Attributes that were based on a 20 year longitudinal study in US. Teachers are required to teach, guide and organize students to actively understand, explore and apply these attributes in their own way during the class time and provide observation feedback for students in the end.

  • Mommy & Me Parenting Program -- Partnering with Vejar Elementary School in Walnut + Nanjing Art School

This project aims to shift the mindset/perspective of Asian parents around education outcome and build capabilities in the Asian families to help kids develop character strengths. A week-long program was designed for parents of 6-9 year old students to build their awareness of character education, the Six Success Attributes system, also parenting activities, workshops are designed to help parents explore and come up with new ideas/routines to embed character development at home.

  • Youth Leadership Program --  Partnering with Walnut School District 

This Project is a 6 week experiment for students from 12 to 15 year old to apply character strengths in 3 projects while each project is a 2 week long teamwork experience.  A total of 85 students participated in these following 3 projects: Start Your Bracelet Company,  Start Your Healthy Restaurant and Resilience Film Festival.  Feedback from students and teachers are overwhelmingly positive. E.g. 71% of students agree that this program helps me to appreciate my teammates' strength and work with them more effectively.  

Upcoming Project

  • Teacher Leadership Development Through Character Strengths -- Partnering with  high schools in Beijing, China

This project aims to build capabilities in school educators by exposing them to the character strengths philosophy, the art of coaching.  We help teachers build their own leadership style so they can be role models for students. A week-long program will be designed to help teachers learn and apply character strengths philosophy and positive psychology in their daily work.


To be on the innovative edge of character strengths education, we always search for schools, organizations and educators to partner with us to research and develop impactful interventions for Asian students in K12 education system, as well as for their teachers and parents.